Graphic designer works on websited design for SSH Group

A clean and corporate investor focused website for SSH Group

Four Stripes delivered a modern website for SSH Group that showcase their business model and help investors navigate with ASX feed integration.

SSH Group Ltd is an Australian-listed company that operates businesses working with the construction, resources, and civil market sectors within Australia.

Since changing their name from Site Services Holdings to become SSH Group in 2021, their team came to us to re-align the way that their company is perceived in the market place. Their business model had evolved and so their website needed to as well.

Our team carried out the website design and development to present their business in a modern and corporate way using minimalist design techniques. The overall feeling of the site had changed from cluttered to clean and placed them into a category that would resonate well with current and future investors.

The website houses all business information such as their corporate governance and leadership team. A key feature of this site was the integration of multiple ASX share points such as the share price tickers and live feeds for the latest investor ASX announcements and reports.

We’ve built this site in a way that allows endless pages to be built in the WordPress CMS as required. Using the simplified components as building blocks allows SSH Group the flexibility to cater for any content that may need to be introduced into the site.

The finished product means a greater control for our client in an ever-changing landscape that an ASX-listed company needs.

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