Website mobile phone mockup design for Eat Sustainably

A climate-conscious website designed for sustainable eating

Eat Sustainably is an online community-focused website designed to help you make better choices for your body, mind and planet.

Four Stripes designed their website as a modern, user-friendly resource showcasing their team’s nutritional expertise. We worked closely with Spoon Digital, who developed the website, collaborated on the strategy and brought our designs to life. The website allows users to navigate and filter through 175+ family-friendly, nutritious & eco-friendly recipes and gain access to exclusive resources and advice.

Eat Sustainably are a team with a unique blend of qualifications and many years of experience across nutrition, dietetics, environmental science and research. Eat Sustainably founders Dr Amelia Harray and Hannah Bres provide people with the knowledge and tools to follow a climate-conscious, healthy lifestyle.

The client wanted a website that would communicate their focus on health and the environment while providing flexible recipes to fit any diet. They wanted a minimalist design that would make the content easy to read and find.

We prioritised simplicity in our approach, keeping the design clean and clutter-free. With a focus on usability and ease of interaction, we designed a streamlined filtering system that utilises a solid hierarchy to allow users to search recipes based on dietary requirements (e.g., vegan), ingredients (e.g., eggs) or meal types (e.g. lunches).

The site has a membership subscription that allows paying members exclusive access to recipes, webinars and insights. We created a system using design strategy that compartmentalises paying members and the general public. This way, the members gain access to the benefits they pay for. 

We established a user journey to help people find what they were looking for and enable them to navigate through the site easily. The design also communicated that Eat Sustainably focused on healthy eating and was climate conscious through a subtle colour palette and script font that showed a feeling of lifestyle and health.

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