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Brand Basics Series: Is your brand’s assets organised?

Designers require certain file formats for applications and sometimes essential formats are missing when supplied by a client if a particular project requires them.

When compiling a master logo folder, we devise the folder into four kinds of file formats. The logo formats generally required are AI (Adobe Illustrator), EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), PNG (Portable Graphics Format) and JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group).

These formats fall into two categories called pixels (PNG and JPG) and vectors (AI and EPS). Pixel graphics use a grid of small, square picture elements (pixels) for displaying graphics – like a photograph. Vectors are made up of mathematical calculations, so the logo artwork can be scaled to the size of a billboard without any loss of quality, something a pixel-based logo cannot do.

Graphic on how to use art files. Text reads ai for agency/press/art. jpg for web/digital/social. eps for agency/press/media. png for web/transparent

Does your business logo have each of the above formats before building branding collateral? If not, speak to us today and how we can help your business.

These fundamental brand basics should apply when connecting to your business marketplace.

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