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Brand Basics Series: Is your brand’s logo flexible?

Whenever we take on new projects, the first thing we ask is to connect us to your brand’s logo master folder. More often than not, a master folder within the company doesn’t exist.

It’s viable for every business to have a master folder on file. This essentially is a go-to folder which contains various versions of the company logo and supporting brand elements to use for digital and print in a range of necessary file formats.

Logo variation is essential in producing high quality marketing material. These variations are primary and reversed variations which give you the ability to place your logo on a light or dark background, enabling it to remain strong and legible, no matter the medium it is applied on.

KEIKI Early learning Primary and reversed logos

Does your current brand’s logo stand up to the test? Can it work on a variety of backgrounds without distorting the overall feel and legibility of the logo itself? If not, speak to us today and how we can help your business.

These fundamental brand basics should apply when connecting to your business marketplace.

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