Text reads brand basics, type on a blue background with four stripes branding elements

Brand Basics Series: What’s your brand’s type?

We always aim to bring consistency to the brands we work on, and one of the ways in doing this is through typography and font selection.

Typography is so important to a brand. The style and text hierarchy should always be maintained and used consistently. Most importantly, the correct fonts should be used across external and internal applications.

External fonts are the fonts used in marketing materials that will be displayed in the marketplace. These will be your hero fonts and the fonts your clients or customers will recognise you by.

Internal fonts on the other hand are common fonts that are installed universally on all computers. They are used for internal communications and fixed font communications – such as email direct marketing or basic presentation software.

style guide on internal and external font use in graphic design

Does your business have a defined typography style? Do these typefaces match your brand’s personality and how you portray your business in a professional manner? If not, speak to us today and how we can help your business.

These fundamental brand basics should apply when connecting to your business marketplace.

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