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Brand Basics Series: Your brand’s natural identity

Colour is something that many businesses often lose focus on. Every business should have a brand style guide which defines their specific brand colour(s).

If working with multiple marketing outlets with no defined brand colour, the colour swatch is sometimes guessed or estimated and inconsistency issues may arise which look unprofessional and amateurish.

Defining the exact colour values is a priority for consistency across the board when it comes to application of the brand colours.

The most common industry standard colour modes are RGB (digital and web), CMYK (printing and press), HEX (websites and digital) and PANTONE (signage, embroidery and exact colour matching).

Graphic showing How to use colour codes, RGB is for web and digital. Hex codes are for web dev and digital. CMYK is for print and press. PMS is for signs and embroidery.

Does your business have a brand style guide that defines your colour identity? If not, speak to us today and how we can help your business.

These fundamental brand basics should apply when connecting to your business marketplace.

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