Let’s talk small data…

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We’ve heard about big data, but what about small data? When it comes to your irreplaceable raw art files, every byte counts…  We take data seriously; it’s an obsession, a passion, a love of hardware and software and how it all talks. At Four Stripes, our DRP (Data Retention Policy) has developed over a decade […]

Brand Basics Series: Your brand’s natural identity

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Colour is something that many businesses often lose focus on. Every business should have a brand style guide which defines their specific brand colour(s). If working with multiple marketing outlets with no defined brand colour, the colour swatch is sometimes guessed or estimated and inconsistency issues may arise which look unprofessional and amateurish. Defining the […]

Brand Basics Series: What’s your brand’s type?

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We always aim to bring consistency to the brands we work on, and one of the ways in doing this is through typography and font selection. Typography is so important to a brand. The style and text hierarchy should always be maintained and used consistently. Most importantly, the correct fonts should be used across external […]

Brand Basics Series: Is your brand’s assets organised?

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Designers require certain file formats for applications and sometimes essential formats are missing when supplied by a client if a particular project requires them. When compiling a master logo folder, we devise the folder into four kinds of file formats. The logo formats generally required are AI (Adobe Illustrator), EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), PNG (Portable Graphics […]

Brand Basics Series: Is your brand’s logo flexible?

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Whenever we take on new projects, the first thing we ask is to connect us to your brand’s logo master folder. More often than not, a master folder within the company doesn’t exist. It’s viable for every business to have a master folder on file. This essentially is a go-to folder which contains various versions […]