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What to consider before rolling out your brand

So you understand the importance of a brand, but how do you apply it and make it work for your business?

So you have a logo; what's next?

It can be tempting to think of your logo as the end-all-be-all in business. But your brand is about so much more when it comes down to it. How does your business stand a chance of communicating any key messaging without a brand strategy and content to back it?

Content is the cornerstone of your brand's personality.

A logo is a start, but it’s not a brand. It can define the look and feel of your business, but on its own, it won’t communicate your services, products, or values. This is where your content comes in. A brand should comprise of good photography, good copywriting, strong design elements and brand guidelines. Before you have a website, a brochure or any advertising material, you need content to fulfil these things.

How do I get the right content?

Thoughtful content can help you connect with your customers and differentiate yourself from competitors. It provides the foundation for everything from advertising to brochures. And when you’re ready to build a website, good content can convert prospects into paying clients.

Start by defining what makes your business unique. Who you are, and why someone should do business with you.  This will help you identify your business’s core values and traits, ultimately defining who you are. You can then translate that into content and visuals that resonate with your clients and help them understand what sets you apart from the competition.