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Let’s talk small data…

We’ve heard about big data, but what about small data? When it comes to your irreplaceable raw art files, every byte counts… 

We take data seriously; it’s an obsession, a passion, a love of hardware and software and how it all talks.

At Four Stripes, our DRP (Data Retention Policy) has developed over a decade of managing thousands of terabytes of critical irreplaceable data for our active clients.

We have taken every consideration when inventing how we look after files that we work with every day. Many businesses put all their eggs into one system and think it’s not vulnerable to breaking. Although some are fantastic and have their mechanisms in place, we have spread our data over several beautifully organised and intertwined systems that work together to protect us and our client’s data against every vulnerability and event.

What does this look like? See below:

When you work with Four Stripes, this is the care and attention you get. We care about the little things. We care about getting this done right.