Move the ‘send’ button on the Touch Bar using MacMail

By February 19, 2017HOW TO

I’m not sure about everyone else, but the first time I loaded up my email on the new Macbook Pro 2017 that contains the new ‘Touch Bar’ I had a bit of an accident. No not that kind of accident.

I was half way through carefully writing a brilliant email to a client when by accident my resting finger pressed the ‘send’ button in the new Touch Bar. I guess we all have to get used to this piece of glass at the top of our keyboard but for now, I needed to move that send button before I send another rubbish email.

This is how I did it:

1). Go to MacMail and open up a new email.

2). Head to top menu labelled ‘view’ then look down the drop-down menu for ‘customise touch bar’

3). Once this has been selected you can now move your mouse down passed the bottom of the screen and into the Touch Bar area. You can now select the send button and drag it up to remove it or drag it to the right to move it out of the way of resting fingers.

4). Once happy with your new setup click ‘done’ and that’s it.


I hope this helps even one person from accidentally sending a half-composed email. I have the feeling that if you somehow found this page I am already to late!


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