James Woods

Managing Director

James founded Four Stripes in 2013. As creative director, James is skilled in bringing brand and visual marketing strategies to life.

Not one to follow the crowd, James is genuine in his desire to understand your business. Passionate about clean, modern, timeless designs, James has achieved resounding success with a raft of local and international brands and is constantly finding alternative solutions to a single brief.

Attention to graphic detail is James’ forte, believing typography alone should look amazing independently of other brand elements. After carefully evaluating your objectives, he’ll integrate a stand-out branding solution throughout all mediums, from print to digital.

James’ design philosophies have developed from over a decade of experience and extensive travel. His talents really come to the fore with industries that attract interesting photography, such as the construction and resource sectors. James loves working with like-minded people, you will hear him say often that he simply loves delivering great work to great people. 

James holds a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Graphic Design.

Cain Willing

Lead Creative

Cain joined Four Stripes at the beginning of 2017.

With a background in in-house print and design, Cain is passionate about creating fresh visual ideas for new start-ups and successful established companies. A generalist in graphic arts and digital media, Cain supports the team at Four Stripes across all facets of design including print, digital, advertising, social, animation, video, and user interface design. Quick to understand design objectives, Cain is a key contributor to Four Stripes dynamic branding strategies.

Passionate about visual communication, Cain works to show clients how they can succeed in this noisy world. He’s diligent in his ability to bring key messages to life with typographic and supporting branding elements.

A country boy at heart, we love Cain’s steady approach to any challenge. Cain holds an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design.

Zoë Walker

Graphic Artist

A talented illustrator, Zoë has been part of the Four Stripes team since December 2015.

Zoë’s artistic flare begins with her raw sketching skills, which bring a unique approach to any branding project. She believes keeping to the traditional method of pen and paper before designing on a computer enables her to access a different part of her creative mind and in turn, brings raw passion to the brands she is bringing to life. Thriving on ‘hands-on’ illustrative elements, Zoë can then visualise and implement the individual colouring and quirky flare she connects with the task at hand. Zoë is a strong communicator and her unique style can be seen throughout her creative designs including branding books, style guides, page layouts and brochures.

Zoë embraces a strong connection with her instincts and intuition and brings her relaxed and creative dreams from her home by the beach in Yanchep to the corporate office. Zoë’s fun and contagious energy make every graphic design job fun.

Zoë holds an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design from Central Tafe.

Skye Gilligan


As a specialist communications and content marketing strategist, Skye brings clarity, consistency, and stronger impact to shareholder and stakeholder communications.

Specialising in technical industries including oil, gas, mining, construction and telco sectors, Skye is skilled in translating technical content and turning it into a compelling corporate story.

Focused on developing build brand recognition and supporting a stronger corporate profile, Skye works closely with the Four Stripes team to align visual marketing and content marketing strategies.

The voice of many brands, Skye’s content strategies are trusted by global and local companies. Skye can adapt her writing style to any industry and medium including press releases, social media, sales material, investor presentations and tenders.

Skye holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Arts, and has had an international marketing and PR career in London, Malawi and Japan.

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