Maintaining your website is essential to protecting your brand and business. An outdated site is vulnerable to hacking and security threats. ​

creative design team working on the maintenance & Aftercare of a website in the design agency
You’ve invested time and money into building a website, so you must have the proper support to keep it running smoothly. Our flexible support contracts ensure your website stays safe and secure, with regular maintenance checks to monitor performance, security measures and updates.
Securing and maintaining your website doesn’t stop with patching security holes. Our team checks your site every day to make sure it’s responding correctly; we test all the critical holes and keep you informed, responding quickly to all security announcements, so your site doesn’t get compromised. We manage your site by ensuring that we have weekly backups and a monthly archival backup to restore it quickly if your site is compromised. We keep your site up to date with the latest CMS versions – this ensures that you’re getting the best experience possible with your CMS and makes life much easier when undertaking new development work. We’ll also make minor updates to images and text, reducing your work and giving you an easier experience overall.

What else do we do?


Our strategy-led approach ensures we develop coherent brands for our clients that sing at every touchpoint. We get to know your business and industry inside out, so we can deliver effective solutions and make informed recommendations.


We build brands that make an impact—working side-by-side with you to uncover the personality that defines your business and create a brand that highlights your strengths and distinguishes you from the rest of your competition.


We merge design, technology, and strategy when developing your website. The result is a custom website design that caters to your specific goals, supports your brand identity, impresses your visitors and creates opportunity for growth.


Great graphic design should be thoughtful and functional. From printed brochures to digital social media design, we ensure every piece of communication tells a story, builds your brand and keeps your audience engaged.

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