Crafting a seamless experience for a custom-made, bespoke furniture website

Castledex has partnered with us to create a website that redefines how interior designers and architects source furniture, equipment and fit-out products in an ever-growing and complex market. The website has been built from the ground up to give clients the access to explore product ranges from multiple brands providing a much quicker decision making process for such high-value purchases. The website allows the user to download detailed, specific tear sheets for each product easily.

Website design and development mockup of the castledex website on a monitor, a tablet and a phone
Website design and development mockup of the castedex websites our story page, our spaces page and case studies page on phones
Castledex green and grey booths

Key Objectives

Re-aligned the website to the business.

A boutique website that sells boutique products.

Ability to quickly access technical product data.

Communicate strong brand presence.

Create a solid data set of all products and specs.

Website design and development mockup of the castledex websites product pages on a monitor and a tablet
Castledex grey chair
Website and brand design and development mockup on a tablet

Ben Martin

General Manager / Castledex

For many years we have struggled with a website that didn’t adequately reflect our brand and wasn’t as useful a tool for our clients as we would have liked. When we approached the market – Four stripes instantly got who we were and how to both differentiate us from our competitors whilst still charting a pathway to creating a useful tool.