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Keiki Early Learning

Keiki Early Learning is a group of family owned and operated child care centres in Perth’s northern suburbs providing the ideal environment for children to learn, develop and grow. We feel privileged to work with such passionate people in developing a strong, yet playful, earthy brand and marketing material that has enabled Keiki to expand across three locations.
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Key Objectives

Create a unique identity in the childcare market.

Earthy tones to reflect the businesses ethos.

Attract new parents and build trust.

Showcase locations and approach to childcare.

Stand out from it’s competitors in the industry.

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Callie Ross

Keiki / Marketing Manager

We have been working with Four Stripes for several years, where they have assisted in various marketing collateral, website design, online and offline templates, signage, and brand identity for Keiki Early Learning. As a high quality, family-owned childcare provider, James understands and is adaptive to our business as it has evolved and grown. James and the team are always a pleasure to work with, providing efficient service, helpful advice and quality work. We are very happy to have them as our brand partners!