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Marcem Australia

Marcem Australia provides tailored and specialised equipment and tooling, as well as training and management services, to the mining, resources, and oil and gas industries. With future growth on their mind, Four Stripes was engaged by Marcem to re-imagine their website and digital presence and how they wanted to be perceived in their industry. A completely bespoke and custom designed website, this project has made Marcem stand out from their competition.

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Key Objectives

A corporate site to show key products and services.

A resource hub for specialist equipment.

Personable contact information unique to location.

Communicate strong brand presence.

Clean and clear user experience.

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Nat Broomfield

Marcem / National Sales Manager

James and Cain are some seriously good operators. Our business got the website we wanted and more, all delivered ahead of scheduled! I can thoroughly recommend the Four Stripes team, to anyone in the market for a new website.