The Push-Up Challenge

Supporting the push for better mental health

The Push-Up Challenge is run by a passionate crew raising awareness for mental health across Australia. In January 2021, their team came to Four Stripes looking to improve their brand’s identity and to define The Push-Up Challenge’s visual communication. This was primarily through social media, participant’s resources and merchandise. This included building the foundation of the brand from an existing logo to complimentary assets and how they would look across digital and print applications. We feel so privileged to be involved with such a great cause, helping to put the spotlight on mental health.

creative design branded Push-up challenge shirts
The Push-Up Challenge poster design Perth
The Push-Up Challenge branded social media, design agency perth
The Push-Up Challenge Brand Guidelines and brand strategy
creative design branded Push-up challenge shirts

Key Objectives

Connect to the sporting and professional audience.

Attract new participants through strong branding.

Consistent design approach to all mediums.

Communicate strong brand presence.

Take part in a great challenge for a great cause.

Creative designer works on a video and photography for a brand in a design agency in Perth
The Push-Up Challenge branded social media content
The Push-Up Challenge branded brochure
creative design mockup for the Push-Up challenge branded buffs
The Push-UP Challenge branded merch