The Push-Up Challenge: 2023 Campaign

Encouraging engagement for a leading not-for-profit

The campaign identity for the Push-Up Challenge 2023 was driven by a deep understanding of the organisation’s mission and the need to communicate its purpose and values effectively. We recognised the importance of elevating the event’s reach and making it more globally appealing while preserving the essence of the existing brand. Introducing a complementary deep blue colour and vibrant patterns inspired by push-up motions were carefully crafted to enhance the brand’s personality. By incorporating these elements, we aimed to visually convey the unity, strength, and compassion that lie at the heart of the Push-Up Challenge. The step-up feature further reinforced the brand’s commitment to engaging participants and fostering a sense of accomplishment. With a harmonious blend of familiarity and freshness, the brand sought to captivate a broader audience, inspire action, and create a lasting connection with the cause of raising funds for suicide and mental health.
The Push Up Challenge Gif
The Push Up Challenge Merch Design
The Push Up Challenge Poster design

The challenge

In the ever-evolving landscape of fundraising initiatives, our challenge for the Push-Up Challenge 2023 Campaign was two-fold. Firstly, we aimed to propel the event beyond its current reach and transform it for the 2023 campaign. Secondly, we sought to infuse the brand with a stronger sense of personality, effectively communicating its mission and the critical need for support. The primary hurdle we faced was to create a captivating new look and feel that seamlessly integrated with the existing brand while infusing freshness, energy, and global appeal. This challenge demanded a careful balance between staying true to the brand’s identity and pushing the boundaries to captivate a wider audience.
The Push Up Challenge Brand guidelines
The Push Up Challenge Poster designs

The outcome

The Push-Up Challenge 2023 brand campaign refresh has invigorated communication and captured the vibrant energy and personality of the challenge. We revitalised the campaign’s visual identity with strategic design choices, helping to foster community and motivation. The brand campaign refresh deepens audience connection and elevates the impact of the Push-Up Challenge, inspiring lasting change and support.
The Push Up Challenge Social Media

Key objectives

Increase the reach and visibility of the Push-Up Challenge event

Create a global aesthetic to appeal to a broader audience

Enhance the brand’s personality and effectively communicate its mission

Inspire widespread participation for the cause through brand touchpoints

The Push up challenge documentation design
The Push Up Challanege Social Media design
The Push Up Challenge Merch design
The Push Up Challenge documentation
The Push Up Challenge merch Design
Rhe Push Up Challenge Social Media Design