Tru Fleet

Rolling out a fleet hire brand for a new competitor

Tru Fleet delivers flexible, reliable, site-ready fleet hire services for the Australian resource, civil and construction markets. In 2022, Tru Fleet called on Four stripes to help them build a cohesive brand that tells their story. We’re proud to roll out a brand that directly communicates Tru Fleet’s narrative, helping them to develop a strong presence in their industry. 

Social Media Branding examples of work for the TRU FLEET brand
Tru Fleet Website mockups Perth design agency

Key Objectives

Delivering a robust and recognisable brand.

A flexible brand that adapts to all mediums.

Detailed vehicle signage strategy.

Clean, modern, digital presence.

Connect with the mining and resource sector.

Example of branded vehicle signage in a design design studio in Perth
Fleet Hire branded vehicle wraps for the TRU FLEET brand
Branded social media content for the TRU FLEET brand
Branded stationary mockup for the TRU FLEET brand
Tru fleet Building Signage