Crafting a cutting-edge brand and website for an immersive mining technology

GDMS approached us to create a visual brand identity for their cloud-based technology for safe tailings storage facility management. The brand mark features a bold and modern design, effectively communicating GDMS’ cutting-edge solutions while inspiring confidence and trust with its professional look. The visual identity embodies the company’s commitment to innovation and safety.

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GDMS logo brand design by Four Stripes
GDMS logo brand design by Four Stripes
GDMS Business cards stationery design
GDMS logo strategy
GDMS brand stationery design mockup
Expo booth mockup for GDMS Brand by Four Stripes

Key Objectives

Create a brand identity that effectively communicates their SaaS offerings.

Design and develop a comprehensive website that clearly outlines the organisation’s software and technology.

Embody the company’s commitment to innovation, placing them at the forefront of technology in the industry.

Enhance brand recognition by establishing clear and consistent brand guidelines.

Establish brand differentiation and align with the target audience.

GDMS brand business cards stationery design mockup
GDMS social media and template design mockup
GDMS brand stationery design mockup
GDMS website mockup brand by Four Stripes
GDMS website design mockup on mobile and tablet
GDMS social media design mockup

Mitch Hanger

Director / GDMS

Could not have asked for a better result. A huge thank you to James and the team at Four Stripes. Your hard work is very much appreciated and the results have exceeded all of my expectations. Looking forward to working together more in the future.