Branding, design, websites, everything visual; it's how you talk to the world. Informed creativity ensures we get these things right, connecting your expertise with audience intrigue - it's what we're good at.

Bridging your expertise and the world's curiosity, turning visibility into genuine connection.

Ensuring your brand’s message isn't just heard but remembered

A team member at Four Stripes Design Agency in Subiaco, engaged in strategy development, with focus on a Brand Strategy Workshop document. The striking chevron pattern in the background complements the strategic and forward-thinking atmosphere of the agency.
Members of the Four Stripes Design Agency team actively engage with a wall of branding materials, contributing to a vibrant visual strategy discussion, in an office space that reflects a culture of energetic creativity and resourcefulness.
A member of Four Stripes Design Agency in Subiaco skillfully edits a webpage layout, reflecting the precision and attention to detail the agency invests in crafting advanced website interfaces for clients globally.
Design team members at Four Stripes Design Agency are immersed in their work, with monitors displaying project details, in an office where the dedication to the healthcare industry's design needs is both apparent and paramount.

Equal parts hustle and heart

A purpose-driven design agency, Four Stripes specialises in creating comprehensive brand identities and websites, focusing on quality, flexibility, and a personalised approach.

Subiaco WA

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All we’ve ever wanted to do is deliver great work to great people. It’s as simple as that.
Four Stripes managing director James Woods

James Woods

— Managing Director