Brand Basics: Colour Identity

In the branding landscape, colour takes a backseat for many businesses. However, it should be a front-and-centre consideration. Regardless of size, every company should possess a brand style guide that distinctly outlines its chosen brand colours.

Businesses working across multiple marketing outlets may resort to guesswork or estimations when selecting a colour swatch without a defined brand colour. This can lead to inconsistencies, projecting an unprofessional and amateurish image. To ensure a unified and polished appearance, defining the colour values in your brand style guide is paramount.

The industry-standard colour modes that contribute to consistency across various applications are RGB (digital and web), CMYK (printing and press), HEX (websites and digital), and PANTONE (signage, embroidery, and exact colour matching).

Utilising these colour modes ensures your brand colours translate seamlessly across different mediums. Understanding and implementing a well-defined colour identity is fundamental in brand basics when connecting with your business marketplace.

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