Four Stripes is a purpose-driven design agency focused solely on what we are good at — crafting meaningful connections that foster success


A team member at Four Stripes Design Agency in Subiaco, engaged in strategy development, with focus on a Brand Strategy Workshop document. The striking chevron pattern in the background complements the strategic and forward-thinking atmosphere of the agency.

From concept to execution, our design strategy results in captivating solutions that narrate powerful brand stories.


Members of the Four Stripes Design Agency team actively engage with a wall of branding materials, contributing to a vibrant visual strategy discussion, in an office space that reflects a culture of energetic creativity and resourcefulness.

We define brand identities that uniquely position companies in their market, setting them apart with distinct style and character.


A member of Four Stripes Design Agency in Subiaco skillfully edits a webpage layout, reflecting the precision and attention to detail the agency invests in crafting advanced website interfaces for clients globally.

Transitioning from design to development, we bring ideas to life in the digital world, developing websites that tell compelling brand stories.


Design team members at Four Stripes Design Agency are immersed in their work, with monitors displaying project details, in an office where the dedication to the healthcare industry's design needs is both apparent and paramount.

We provide design support to help you connect with your audience, ensuring a seamless blend of design and storytelling for impactful brand communication.

Ask away

What sets Four Stripes apart as a design agency?

Despite our smaller size, we hold our own by completing everything in-house. We just want to design cool brands and websites; we're not interested in upselling you on services you don't genuinely need.

Absolutely! We specialise in creating functional, user-friendly websites that look good and enhance your online presence. Our team blends design expertise and technical proficiency to develop websites that work.

The cost of a branding project varies based on its scope, complexity, and deliverables. We offer customised design packages to fit your expectations and requirements; we do our best to make it work for you.

Simply put, without a brand, you're invisible. Your brand is how you communicate your values, personality, and offerings. A good brand is critical; it helps you stand out and build a personality that resonates with audiences.

Effective branding sets you apart by creating a unique visual identity that communicates what you do and why you're good at it. It helps customers understand why they should choose you.

Branding begins with a strategy session that gets to the core of who you are and what you do. From there, we start researching your business, audience, and market. Based on what we've learned, we design a unique brand for you that communicates what you do in a way that works for your audience.

The timeline varies depending on the scope and complexity of the project. We always aim to be comprehensive yet efficient, typically aiming for a few weeks to months.

The cost is influenced by the scope of work, number of deliverables, level of customisation, and the expertise required.

Your branding package may include various assets such as logos, brand guidelines, typography, colour palettes, imagery, and collateral materials like business cards and letterheads. It can be completely customised to fit you and your businesses needs.

We offer ongoing support to help you maintain and evolve your brand over time. Whether it's updates to design assets or guidance on brand implementation, we're happy to support your brand's growth.

Absolutely! Our portfolio speaks volumes. We always prefer to let our work talk; Visuals are our preferred language, after all.

A design agency like Four Stripes enhances brand presence by creating compelling visual identities and branding materials tailored to each client's unique needs. Our expertise ranges from strategic brand positioning and identity design to digital solutions, ensuring brands not only look appealing but also connect effectively with their target audience. We focus on bringing each brand's story to life, ensuring it resonates well within its market and stands out from the competition.