A complete brand alignment for a leading Australian power equipment supplier

APS needed to establish itself as a standalone business with a unique identity that reflected its values and expertise. They turned to Four Stripes to develop a comprehensive branding solution to position them as a leading provider. The result was a visually striking and memorable brand identity that effectively communicated APS’s values and offerings.

APS Logo Gif
APS Branded Generators
APS Staff Posing In front Of a Generator

The challenge

As APS looked to branch out from their suppliers and establish themselves as an independent business, they needed a brand identity that captured their values and the unique service they provided. They faced the challenge of standing out in a competitive industry and differentiating themselves from other companies offering similar products.
APS Warehouse full of generators
APS Branded Vehicle Signage

The outcome

The final brand identity we created for APS is a confident statement of their values and expertise. We chose a colour palette that communicates professionalism and sets APS apart from the competition. The maroon red and deep blue hues exude power and vitality, while the logo typeface symbolises an electrical current and energy, emphasising expertise in the industry. The bold and masculine font conveys strength and authority, and the angular logo mark evokes power, electricity, and spark, reinforcing the message of strength and dynamism.

APS Generator design wrap

Key objectives

Establish APS as a leading provider of sustainable solutions in their industry

Differentiating APS by highlighting their unique service offerings

Build trust and credibility by showcasing their values and experience 

Increase brand recognition and awareness

APS Brand Guidelines Photographed in the Four Stripes Design Agency
APS Social Media Design
APS Branded Business Shirt
APS Social Media Design
APS Branded Stationery
APS Documentation design

Bradley Abel

General Manager / APS

While developing a brand identity, working with James and the Four Stripes team was a dream. They were unmatched in their attention to detail and comprehension of our scope. To anyone looking to do any branding or design work, I would strongly recommend them.