A thoughtful visual identity for smarter, faster exposure control software

By combining meticulous design with a profound comprehension of the brand’s objectives, we have successfully captured and embodied the core values of EXPOSI, positioning it as an unwavering champion for worker well-being. As an independent brand under the GCG umbrella, EXPOSI has been purposefully positioned as intuitive and forward-thinking. The brand needed to be adaptable and enhance the user experience of the Exposi platform, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly interface that enables effortless navigation and interaction. We crafted a visual identity for EXPOSI that perfectly balances warmth, authenticity, and technological sophistication.
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The challenge

The task was to craft a brand that would captivate audiences and demonstrate the potential of real-time data and video integration. We needed to convey the complexity of Exposi’s solution while ensuring it remained relatable and accessible to a range of users.
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The outcome

Four Stripes successfully brought the Exposi brand to life through our meticulous design process. The strategic use of black and white elements created a sleek and sophisticated look, while the warm white and green accents instilled a sense of approachability and warmth. The brand icon elegantly depicts the journey of dust particles gradually transforming into pixels, visually portraying the app’s ability to convert real-time exposure information into actionable insights. The result is a visually engaging brand that resonates with users on both a professional and personal level.
Exposi Brand guidelines

Key objectives

Showcase innovation and expertise; position Exposi as a leader in its field.

Strike the right tone; from industry professionals to workers on the ground.

Develop an instantly recognisable and memorable visual identity

Elements and imagery that contribute to an intuitive user interface

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