Fremantle Seaweed

Increasing the impact of a sustainable seaweed farm through effective branding

The Fremantle Seaweed brand identity captures the intimate connection that Fremantle Seaweed has with the water. A bold display typeface and a modern serif create an authentic feeling of nautical adventure. The ocean’s femininity and chaos inspire the curvy organic shapes in the logo mark. The blue, gold, and maroon hues replicate the ocean and seaweed colours, adding authenticity. 

logo design and branding for Fremantle Seaweed
branding for Fremantle Seaweed website design
brand guide example for Fremantle Seaweed

The challenge

Fremantle Seaweed needed to establish a strong brand identity that reflected its commitment to sustainability and the environment and set it apart in an emerging market. The challenge was effectively communicating the brand’s unique proposition and values while establishing it as a leader in the market of sustainable seaweed.
Four Stripes design agency branding for Fremantle Seaweed
Business card design for Fremantle Seaweed

The outcome

Four Stripes developed a comprehensive brand identity that positioned Fremantle Seaweed as a sustainability champion and a force for positive change in the industry. The logo’s organic shape and soothing colour palette perfectly convey the brand’s connection to the ocean and its commitment to environmentalism. The messaging and tone of voice were carefully crafted to resonate with customers who prioritise sustainability and care for the planet. Overall, the brand identity successfully differentiates Fremantle Seaweed from its competitors and positions it as a leader in sustainable seaweed.
Fremantle Seaweed brand and website design
branding icons for Fremantle Seaweed
Fremantle Seaweed branded T-shirt merch

Key Objectives

Define a brand strategy for a seaweed farm start-up.

Design and develop a website that outlines their goals.

Design a brand guide to maintain a consistent identity.

Develop content that communicates to their target audience.

Capture the authenticity of their purpose and people.

design agency working on branding for Fremantle Seaweed
Fremantle seaweed employee snorles through seaweed farm
social media branding for Fremantle Seaweed

Chris de Cuyper

Managing Director / Fremantle Seaweed

Four Stripes recently completed a brand and website refresh for Fremantle Seaweed and it looks awesome! We are really happy with the team at Four Stripes, they took the crazy ideas floating around in our head and turned them into a professional brand and website that is still true to our salty heritage.