Spectrum Welding

Spectrum Welding’s brand showcases a forward-thinking approach, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with refinement. With its proven track record spanning various welding techniques and fabrication projects, Spectrum stands for innovation and adaptability. Its brand identity mirrors this progressive ethos, conveying a commitment to excellence and a dedication to staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

Spectrum welding logo and brand identity design
Spectrum welding logo showcased print collateral design
Spectrum welding logo showcased on a uniform and print collateral design
A welder works on a project wearing a branded uniform
Business card designs for a resources client showcasing the brand identity design
A focused professional wearing safety goggles and gloves operates welding equipment in an industrial setting, showcasing the strong, hands-on brand identity designed by Four Stripes Design Agency.
Brand guidelines for Spectrum Welding showcasing typography and logo design
Website design for a welding business in Perth
An employee with a cheerful demeanor, attired in a Spectrum Welding uniform, confidently oversees machinery in a well-organized workshop, representing the professional image cultivated by Four Stripes Design Agency's branding expertise.
Website design for a welding business in Perth showcasing the development process on a mobile
Spectrum welding employee wears a branded uniform
Spectrum welding logo design showcased on a sports banner at a football club

How we do it

We approach every project the same way – with equal parts strategy and creativity. we bring concepts to life creating brand identities and websites that tell compelling brand stories.