The Henley Brook

Relaunching The Swan Valley's Local Roost

The brand is deliberately unpolished, mirroring the cheeky and lively culture that defines The Henley Brook. The design draws inspiration from the venue’s natural surroundings, infusing a natural color palette and gritty textures that seamlessly blend into the fabric of the design. In doing so, we pay homage to the quintessential Australian backyard culture, creating a brand that redefines what it means be your local.

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The Henley Brook Branding
The henley brook Branding Hospitality

The challenge

Having already left our mark on The Henley Brook during its inception, we needed to outdo ourselves as the venue blossomed into its own unique entity. Our new challenge was to mirror the venue’s cheeky and vibrant culture, infusing it with the same energy and passion that defines the venue.
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The Henley Brook Wine Label Branding and Design

The outcome

The result is a brand that carries an intentionally unrefined charm. With a natural color palette, gritty textures, naive hand-drawn characters, and tongue-in-cheek language, the brand holds a mirror to the lively bustling energy of the space.

The Henley Brook branding
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Hayley Saunders

Owner / The Henley Brook

These guys take all the hard work out of everything creative. Working quickly and collaboratively with us to produce our brand, social media content, website, menus and so much more. James and his crew not only understand our identity and how we like to tackle projects and events they completely embrace our ethos and quirky sense of humour. We are about to embark on a new venue and we will be doing so with Four Stripes by our side knowing that they'll make the creative side of hospitality that much easier.