At Four Stripes design agency, we recognise the pivotal role of the guest experience in the hospitality industry. Our tailored design approach empowers hotels, restaurants, resorts, and other hospitality businesses to differentiate themselves in a saturated market and create a resonant impression.

Brand identity design​

Crafting a compelling brand identity is foundational for attracting guests and fostering loyalty in hospitality. Our expertise lies in developing distinct brand identities that encapsulate the essence of your hospitality venture and resonate deeply with your target audience. From logo creation to brand guidelines, we ensure uniformity and coherence across all branding facets, bolstering brand recognition and guest engagement.

Website design and development

Your website serves as the primary gateway for potential guests. Our adept design and development team specialise in crafting visually captivating and user-friendly websites that showcase your property’s amenities, services, and unique offerings. Our tailored solutions enhance your ability to attract guests and drive direct bookings seamlessly.

Menu and signage design

In hospitality, presentation is paramount, notably concerning food and beverage offerings. Our design prowess extends to menu creation, enhancing guests’ dining experience. We collaborate with you to craft menus and property signage that captivate and inspire guests to savour your culinary delights, enriching their overall hospitality experience.

Packaging + product design

Our design team excels in creating sophisticated product and packaging designs that embody the essence of hospitality. We focus on developing visually appealing and functional designs that highlight your brand’s uniqueness and enhance the guest experience. Our bespoke solutions aim to captivate consumers, communicate your brand’s values, and elevate your product’s appeal in the competitive hospitality market.

Social media graphics and content creation

Social media emerges is a potent tool for fostering meaningful connections with patrons while spotlighting the distinctive charm of your brand. Our dedicated team specialises in crafting captivating social media visuals and narratives tailored to your audience. Whether crafting Instagram stories or Facebook campaigns, we’re committed to crafting content that captures the unique messaging of your brand, connecting with followers.

Some of our work in the hospitality sector