Original work always ‘Rules the Roost’

By August 17, 2018SHIPS LOG

Here at Four Stripes, not everything is as straightforward as using a single completed image from an image stock website. Sometimes we need to innovate and that often means getting groovy in photoshop.

You see, not often can you find a chicken riding a tri-cycle or a Hen wearing jeans and a cowboy hat but that’s what we often do for our clients. Going that extra step. Making the unimaginable, real.

The Henley Brook restaurant, a long standing loyal client of Four Stripes often give us the most creative and adventurous of briefs. Whether it is a rump steak special night or a Open Mic Acoustic music/Comedy event, our team then let’s their ideas roam free which then translates into pushing a heap of pixels around to suit a particular online and print media campaign.

We understand every campaign is different, but when ‘The Hen’ incorporates such a unique mascot and cult figure, it’s hard not to use a familiar face across most of their campaigns.

The Four Stripes team uses references of a particular campaign to create something that will look both visually stunning while also a bit tongue in cheek, a trait that our good friends at The Hen are proud to push across to their 8,000+ happy customers across Facebook and Instagram.

Check out some of our work that we have created for The Henley Brook in the past…

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