How to sync fonts over multiple iMacs

By January 12, 2017HOW TO

As designers, we have always had issues with fonts syncing over all of our machines, this has been something we have just gotten used to over the years, but it has always bugged me. Sick of the same conversations, missing fonts, missing links, missing assets. Now we have solved almost all the issues, but I would like to let everyone know about the solution we have used for font management across all of our Apple iMacs.

We have used Suitcase Fusion from Finally, someone has listened to us undervalued creatives and built a system that works.

So basically it;s as simple as this.

Machine 1 – iMac – Adds it’s master font collection to the cloud.

Machine 2 – iMac – Looks for master collection, downloads it and maintains sync.

Machine 3 – iMac – Looks for master collection, downloads it and also maintains sync.

Suitcase also installs an AUTO activation plugin into your Adobe Suite so that if you are missing a font and it’s not activated, it simply looks for it on your cloud-based font server and switches the desired font on.

It’s like magic. Who needs to know how it works when it just does. Any further info you would like added, please let me know.

Stay positive designers and let’s find solutions to annoying issues I know we all have!


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