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AK Evans Group

AK Evans Group has a long and proud history in Western Australia’s North West. Four Stripes were engaged to re-align and enhance the AK Evans identity, producing a custom designed and developed website. This was built to deliver results for the AK Evans team and provide trust during the decison making process which would set the foundation for the AK Evans brand throughout.
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Key Objectives

Showcase range of fleet for equipment hire

SEO keywords focus on services and capabilities

Attract new business partnerships

Communicate strong AK Evans brand presence

Provide a simple user experience

5 4S Work AK Evans Computer
6 4S Work AK Evans Bulldozer
7 4S Work AK Evans Vehicle Signage
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9 4S Work AK Evans Stationery
10 4S Work AK Evans Excavator

Kiran Hudson

AK Evans Group / Head of Projects

Four Stripes have been extremely helpful and professional. They are quick to turn things around and have always got time to jump into the small jobs. And atop of their general happy demenaour the work always looks great. Wouldn't go anywhere else.