Ellen Stirling Dental

Re-imagining a different approach to a dental practice

Four Stripes had the pleasure of re-branding popular Perth dental clinic, Ellen Stirling Dental. Our focus was on seperating them from dental cliches and instead identifying them as boutique, contemporary and quiet. A luxurious brand, this concept was designed to help their business advance and succeed into the rapidly growing cosmetic industry.
Creative branding example of Ellen Stirling Dental photography style and logo
Photograph of plant
creative design mockup of Ellen Stirling dental social media branding

Key Objectives

Create a boutique feel to achieve business goals.

Attract new cosmetic surgery clients.

Soft, earthy tones to generate a natural vibe.

Communicate strong brand presence.

Build trust for a brand focused on identity.

Creative design mockup of Ellen Stirling Dental Logo and branding
Photograph of green leaves
creative design mockup of Ellen Stirling dental stationary
Branding example for Ellen Stirling Dental
Website design and development mockup for Ellen Stirling Dental
Green leaves in top right hand corner

Candice Ching

Ellen Stirling Dental Owner

For many years we have struggled with a website that didn’t adequately reflect our brand and wasn’t as useful a tool for our clients as we would have liked. When we approached the market – Four stripes instantly got who we were and how to both differentiate us from our competitors whilst still charting a pathway to creating a useful tool.