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Ellen Stirling Dental

Four Stripes had the pleasure of re-branding popular Perth dental clinic, Ellen Stirling Dental. Our focus was on seperating them from dental cliches and instead identifying them as boutique, contemporary and quiet. A luxurious brand, this concept was designed to help their business advance and succeed into the rapidly growing cosmetic industry.
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Key Objectives

Create a boutique feel to achieve business goals.

Attract new cosmetic surgery clients.

Soft, earthy tones to generate a natural vibe.

Communicate strong brand presence.

Build trust for a brand focused on identity.

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Candice Ching

Ellen Stirling Dental
Oral Health Therapist

I would happily recommend James and the team at Four Stripes to anyone looking for a new brand or presence to reflect the heart and soul of their business. It wasn't difficult to see that they must all be extremely passionate about their work to be able to produce such an amazing result.